Pepkor Holdings Ltd. JSE: PPH

Pepkor Holdings Ltd

Background of Pepkor Holdings Ltd

  • Pepkor Holdings Ltd. is a diversified retail group that has a significant footprint in Africa that is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. With over 5100 stores in 12 countries, Pepkor is truly a retail giant in Africa. The group has 17 store brands over the retail industry, ranging from affordable quality clothing outlets to high-class furniture outlets. The group supplies an extremely wide range of products over various retail sectors. It is their vision to supply African consumers with all of their basic needs and through their various stores, they are not too far from reaching that goal. Pepkor Holdings owns Incredible Connections, HiFi Corporation, Tekkie Town, Timbercity, Rochester and of course Pep (to name but a few).

Pepkor Holdings Ltd Shares Growth Driver

  • Formerly known as PEP Stores, the company changed its name to Pepkor Holdings Ltd. in 1982. The company’s success is derived from the fact that it strived to supply quality products at affordable prices, so that low-income households could also go about their daily lives with dignity. Pepkor built a very good reputation for providing quality clothing at low prices through opting to produce essential everyday wear, rather than to try to keep up with fashion trends around the world. Because they do not need to keep up with the rest of the world, the company can keep their prices relatively low and still produce clothes that they can sell for a profit.

  • Another major growth driver for Pepkor is the fact that they do not only sell products, they also provide services for their customers. Across a wide range of their stores, clients can pay utility bills, withdraw money and top up their airtime or data. The group’s stores are conveniently located at shopping nodes and areas where commuters can reach a store without too much hassle. Combining retail stores and service delivery worked out very well for Pepkor, especially in the emerging African market where transport is not always readily available to go between shops. Stores such as Pep provide decent clothing and you can buy mobile phones and devices at the store, which makes it a one-stop shop destination for low-income families.

Pepkor Holdings Ltd Group Investor Tip

  • The group saw a 13.2% increase in revenue over 2017 and the directors are positive that the group will keep on growing to supply Africa with all of its basic clothing and accessory needs. Pepkor is planning to expand into more African countries and with the opening of 50 new stores in Nigeria, the group is set to keep on adding value for their shareholders. Affordable clothing and shoes will stay a basic need for a very long time, so if the group can keep its current business model in operation, it will surely grow from strength to strength.

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How to buy Pepkor Holdings Ltd Group Shares

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