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Background of PSG GROUP LTD

  • PSG is a South African based investment holding company. The company has numerous investment that operate across a diverse portfolio, consisting of banking, education, financial services, food related business as well as early-stage investments in select growth sectors. As a whole, the PSG group has a market capitalisation of R49 billion and a market capitalisation influence over companies of R170 Billion. The group was founded in 1993 and has since built an impressive portfolio of investments.

  • The current (August 2018) CEO of PSG is PJ Mouton with JA Holtzhausen as CEO of PSG Capital. The current (August 2018) CFO of PSG is WL Greeff. A critical part of the PSG trade philosophy is funding. The group has always maintained a vested interest in growing their trade in this industry.

PSG GROUP LTD Shares Growth Driver

  • PSG enjoys an impressive and diverse investment portfolio that has significantly boosted their share growth. Their standout investments include: 30.7% in Capitec bank, 55.4% in Curo Holding, 61.5% in PSG consult, 43.7% in Zeder, 98% in PSG alpha, 49% in Dipeo Capital, 100% in PSG Capital and 100% in PSG Corporate Services. These investment interests all stand as the pillars that make up the strength of the group.

  • PSG maintains a strong investment strategy, with no exist plan defined. The group values challenging management to excel in innovation that will grow the business, both on an organic and acquisition level. PSG works intelligently to provide funding exactly when needed. The group’s core business fundamentals and consistency to uphold growth policies have established a bright future.

  • PSG has always understood that a company’s growth is only as good as its customer base increase. With this knowledge in mind, they have consistently honed strong customer relationships by improving existing involvement and by appealing to a new base. Through this intelligent approach, PSG has made sure that their core business growth base is well- positioned for future growth.

PSG Group Investor Tip

  • PSG is a long-standing business that has grown significantly through their two and a half decade + existence. The group has consistently displayed a level-headed and intelligent business approach, which has seen their invertibility sky-rocket. PSG’s ability to invest and maintain interests in big ventures have earned them a spot among the biggest companies in South Africa, which is definitely a motivational factor of note.

  • In analysis of PSG’s investment interests, one stands out in particular. Their significant holding over Capitec Bank should stand as a very profitable venture indeed. With the latter being the fastest growing bank in South Africa, and voted the best bank in the world, PSG stands to gain a lot of ground in the future. Capitec is showing no signs of slowing down soon, which means PSG is set to profit significantly.

  • PSG also has a strong ethic towards their stakeholders. This approach further places them as a rewarding venture. Finally, the group’s trategic and intelligent investment approach further cements how important outside investment is to them.

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