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Background of PSG GROUP LTD

  • The PSG Group is an investment holding company based in South Africa, with a diversified portfolio of subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates involved in financial services, logistics, food and private education.

  • The group’s seven main reporting business units comprise Capitec, Curro, PSG Konsult (wealth and asset management and insurance), PSG Private Equity, Zeder (food and related business), Dipeo (BEE holding company) and PSG Corporate (investment management, treasury services, corporate finance and tax advice). Financial services are broadly split into three operating divisions: PSG Wealth, PSG Asset Management and PSG Insure.

  • The group’s history can be traced back to 1995, and today PSG has more than 200 offices in South Africa and a presence in Namibia and Mauritius. PSG Group shares are for sale on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) with a market cap of R44 billion. Through its investments, the group has influence over JSE-listed companies worth a combined market cap of over R140 billion.

PSG GROUP LTD Shares Growth Driver

  • The PSG Group aims to buy into businesses at an early-stage, building entities up from the development stage alongside entrepreneurs. This is clearly evidenced in its profitable investments in Capitec, Curro and PSG Konsult, which have performed admirably and contributed greatly to the strength of PSG Group share price. The group looks to buy large, influential stakes in businesses, providing them access to capital and strategic input that expedites growth.

  • Performance of the group is measured in terms of returns to PSG investors over time. The total return index (TRI) is the measurement tool used to chart this progress, taking into account the compound annual growth rate of an investment. In the 20 years since establishment, PSG delivered a TRI of 50% per year, meaning that if an investor decided to buy R100 000 worth of PSG Group shares in 1995 and reinvested all dividends, the investment would be worth a whopping R350 million today.

  • PSG’s savvy investment strategy and knack of identifying the potential of companies has paid huge dividends. Capitec is PSG’s largest investment comprising 39% of the group’s total assets, and has been a star performer, delivering 54.9% TRI per year. Curro has also delivered remarkable results of 86.5% per year, whilst PSG Konsult and Zeder have produced 37% and 13% respectively.

  • Despite sluggish economic growth in South Africa (by far PSG’s largest market) the group’s investments continue to be profitable and should effectively weather the forecast of a continued pressured economic environment.

PSG Group Investor Tip

  • The PSG Group has established itself as a formidable force amongst listed investment holding companies with financial services interests. After a period of surging growth, PSG Group share price dipped at the end of 2015 in line with South Africa’s economy. The live online stocks chart shows that PSG Group shares have stabilised since, and a healthy balance sheet and rock-solid investments should boost PSG Group shares again going forward.

PSG GROUP LTD Major Shareholders

Steinhoff Investment Holdings, Public Investment Corporation.

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    Asset Management

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    Wealth Management

How to buy PSG GROUP LTD Group Shares

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is PSG Group?

An investment holding company in South Africa that consist of underlying investments across a diverse range of industries – financial services, banking, food and related businesses, education, early stage investments in selective growth sectors.

Can you buy PSG Group shares online?

The website of SA Shares makes it easy for you to buy JSE listed shares online.

Is PSG Group a good share to buy?

See the PSG Group Investor tip here

When did PSG Group list on the JSE?


When was PSG Group founded?





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