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Background of Reinet Investments

  • Reinet Investments is a Luxembourg-based investment vehicle that was formed in 2008 following the restructuring of Richemont SA, which changed its legal form to a partnership limited by shares.

  • Richemont also redeemed its ordinary capital, which was held exclusively by Compagnie Financière Richemont S.A.(CFR) by way of distribution of its luxury goods interests. CFR subsequently became a focused luxury goods company, with Reinet established as an investment vehicle with its principal asset the former Richemont’s interest in British American Tobacco.

  • The company structure comprises Reinet Investment and Reinet Fund. Reinet’s investment strategy is based on taking a long-term view of opportunities to buy into, whilst investing in a broad portfolio of assets, including listed and unlisted equities, bonds, real estate and derivative instruments.

  • Reinet shares are up for sale on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in South Africa.

Reinet Investments Shares Growth Driver

  • Reinet’s latest financial report showed that the company’s net asset value exceeds €5 billion, representing a remarkable return of 19% per year since 2009. Net asset value increased by €962 million (23%) from the previous year. British American Tobacco represents more than 70% of this value.

  • The company is always in a powerful position to buy into new investments, and €60 million worth of new investments were made during the year. Shareholders cumulatively received €133 million worth of dividends from British American Tobacco. The investment in British American Tobacco is reaping big rewards for Reinet and its shareholders, accounting for an increase in value of €582million. Reinet also invests in a variety of unlisted entities, foremost of which is the Pension Corporation Group in the United Kingdom. The group has invested €552 million in this company and recently increased its stake from 38% to 43%. Estimated fair value of this investment has increased from €541 million in 2014 to €907 million.

  • Reinet also has a number of private equity partnerships, including Trilantic Capital Partners – a global equity firm with significant minority interests in Europe and North America.

  • Reinet’s portfolio is further diversified by significant investments in land development and mortgages in the United States and diamond mining projects in South Africa. Reinet has continued focusing on pursuing the planned diversification of its investment portfolio and the investment in the company provides them with the capacity to fund new opportunities.

Reinet Investments Group Investor Tip

  • Reinet’s main investment in British American Tobacco has registered impressive performance, and the forecast is that this investment will continue to bear fruit. The live online stocks chart shows that Reinet share price has seen massive upside growth over the past five years, making the shares a highly profitable buy.

  • Shareholders can not only enjoy the profitability of British American Tobacco, but also a variety of other strong investments in Reinet’s diversified portfolio. Despite economic uncertainty, Reinet share price has a history of nothing but growth, and the forecast is that this will continue. This makes Reinet shares a wise buy for investors.

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Public Investment Corporation Ltd.

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How to buy Reinet Investments Group Shares

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