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Background of Remgro

  • Remgro Limited’s history stems back to the 1940s, when the Voorbrand tobacco company (forerunner to Rembrandt) was established by Dr Anton Rupert in South Africa. With significant capital resources, the company steadily started diversifying into other sectors and began to gain an international foothold. Remgro itself was incorporated in 2000 following a major restructuring of the Rembrandt Group. Today, Remgro is an investment holding company with shares for sale in the Diversified Industrials sector of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), with a vast portfolio that includes investments in food, liquor and home care; banking; healthcare; insurance; financial; industrial; infrastructure as well as media and sport.

  • The group currently includes more than 30 investee companies. The group has achieved the buy in of notable multi-million rand investees such as Unilever South Africa, RCL Foods, RMB Holdings, Mediclinic and Total South Africa.

  • Their major profitable activities are focused mainly on the management of investments and the provision of support rather than being involved in the day-to-day management of business units of investees.

  • Remgro‘s subsidiaries that are not wholly owned include listed companies with independent boards of directors on which this company has non-executive representation. Non-subsidiary investments are made up of both listed and unlisted companies that are not controlled by Remgro and which are mostly associated companies due to significant influence and board representation.

Remgro Shares Growth Driver

  • Working with its decentralized investment philosophy, Remgro achieves growth in its investees through active strategic, managerial or financial support or creating an environment conducive to deal-making. Remgro aims to provide successful management through a proper understanding of the investee companies’ businesses and the selection of appropriate executives to serve on boards. Remgro also focuses on boosting the sustainability of companies through the identification of market trends and new technology which can impact on busineses.

  • Remgro further minimises shareholder risk through its exceptionally diverse portfolio, which allows it to weather difficult times in certain markets. The group
    continues to have large capital resources which allow it to buy majority shares in a wide variety of companies.

  • Remgro’s major investments in the food, liquor, home care and healthcare industries have delivered solid performance recently, but the challenging economic and trade conditions in South Africa saw subdued earnings for the insurance, industrial, infrastructure and media and sports investments, putting Remgro share price under pressure.

Remgro Group Investor Tip

  • The live online stocks chart shows that the firing of Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene in December 2015 had a negative effect on Remgro share price, but the company has since made good gains. Investment analysts are currently predicting that Remgro share price will outperform the market, hinting that these are good shares to purchase at present.

  • Core businesses in the financial sector are expected to bounce back in the near future, restoring confidence to buy Remgro shares, whilst other businesses such as Mediclinic are also forecast to record strong performances.

Remgro Major Shareholders

Public Investment Commissioner.

  • Sector

    Consumer Staples

  • Industry

    Consumer Products

  • Sub industry

    Packaged Food

How to buy Remgro Group Shares

  • Remgro : How to buy Remgro Group Shares Online

    We have made it simple to buy JSE listed firm shares online. The easiest way to buy Remgro Group shares or stocks is to; start by submitting the ‘BUY THIS SHARE’ form. Next, one of our experienced and certified stock brokers will personally get in contact with you to discuss your custom stock request. Finally, a stock advisor will confirm the amount of shares you are looking to invest in Remgro and assist you with the setup and management of your stock portfolio account.

  • Here are the steps you must follow to Buy / Purchase Remgro Group shares with utmost confidence:

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Remgro?

An investment holding company with established by Dr Anton Rupert in South Africa, that includes more than 30 investee companies such as Mediclinic, Total SA, RMB Holdings, RCL Foods, Unilever SA.

Can you buy Remgro shares online?

The website of SA Shares makes it easy for you to buy JSE listed shares online.

Is Remgro a good share to buy?

Analysts predict that these shares will outperform the market, hinting that Remgro shares is a good buy at present.

When did Remgro list on the JSE?


When was Remgro founded?


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