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Background of Rolfes Holdings

  • Rolfes Holdings Limited is a holding company that is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). The company specialises in producing a wide range of chemicals for various industries, including the agriculture sector, industrial manufacturers, the water sector and the food industry.

  • The group operates under four main divisions, namely; The Agricultural division, which develops and produces chemicals to enhance plant growth, soil nutrition and to prevent plant sickness. The Food division, which supplies locally and internationally sourced products to large sectors within the food industry, as well as to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The Industrial division, responsible for developing and distributing various organic and inorganic chemical products.Lastly, the Water division manufactures water purification systems and supplies these systems to a wide range of clients, from mines to households.

Rolfes Holdings Shares Growth Driver

  • Even though South Africa is going through a tough time, economically speaking, Rofles Holdings is holding out well and operates at a profit. Due to the fact that Rofles supplies a whole spectrum of chemicals to a wide variety of clients, the group is well positioned to keep on growing. Striving to create food and water security in South Africa means that the products offered by Rofles Holdings are always on demand. Likewise, in the manufacturing and paint industries, business keeps growing, because as long as there are new properties being developed, there will be a need for paint.

  • The group has consolidated its business in the agriculture, water, industrial and food divisions. With a firm foothold, Rolfes Holdings is continuously looking to expand. The group is tirelessly working on new products to introduce to the various markets that they serve. They are also investigating new acquisition opportunities, to expand the footprint of their business. The group already has a customer base in Asia, Europe and Africa. But as they expand, they will look to further increase their customer base to new shores. Currently, they have operations in Botswana, Zambia and Romania

Rolfes Holdings Group Investor Tip

  • Food and water will always be in demand. People need to eat and drink. Water is crucial in growing new crops and in the mining industry. RolfesHoldings serves both of these sectors with top class chemicals. The two sectors work together synergetically, so the groups business in those divisions will keep on growing and feed off each other. On top of that, the group supplies chemicals to the mining and metallurgical industries, as well as to the food and beverage industries. With interests in such a wide variety of business sectors, Rolfes Holdings is well positioned to keep on growing and to provide their shareholders with increasing gains.

  • Sector

    Basic Materials

  • Industry


  • Sub industry

    Agriculture, Food, Industrial and Water

How to buy Rolfes Holdings Group Shares

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