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Background of Sasfin

  • Sasfin Holdings Ltd. is a bank-controlling company that has been listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange since 1987. The group focusses on providing financial advice, services and products to a wide variety of clients from start-up businesses to corporates to high-net-worth individuals. Sasfin lives by its slogan; “beyond a bank” in that they go out of their way to create tailor made financial solutions for their clients. Every client is handled with a personal touch and as such the bank has built up a considerable client base that is still growing. The company has a large footprint in South Africa and provides services to a wide variety of clients.

  • Governed by the King IV principles for good corporate governance, the company strives to build trust with their clients and to be transparent in their business dealings and investments. They have recently undergone a change in management, as they appointed a new CEO in 2018 and also restructured a lot of their internal reporting systems and how they communicate with their shareholders.

Sasfin Shares Growth Driver

  • In 1951 Sasfin was created as a textile trading business and in the 1960’s the nature of business changed to finances. The business steadily expanded through strong organic growth and strategic acquisitions. In 1999 Sasfin got a banking license and shortly after that they acquired Frankel Pollak Securities, which today forms the basis of the Sasfin Wealth division. The groups other two main branches of operation is Sasfin Bank and Sasfin Capital.

  • For the second year in a row, Sasfin Bank won the Best Corporate Bank award in 2018. The bank provides clients with a range of innovative financial solutions which include investment banking, 32-day notice savings accounts, trade, debt and equipment financing as well as transactional banking and forex services.

  • Sasfin Capital provides business with tailor-made solutions to enhance and support business growth. They provide corporate finance, private and property equity as well as short term business insurance and cyber insurance, which in today’s technology driven society is a very valuable product.

  • Sasfin Wealth has been around since 1980 and they have been helping both private and corporate investors to build their capital through giving expert advice and providing local and international investment options. They pride themselves in giving the excellent advice when it comes to saving money on necessities like health care. The company also advises clients on how to best spend their fixed income without making investments, for such clients that earn enough to get by, but not enough to build considerable wealth.

Sasfin Group Investor Tip

  • Sasfin has an excellent track record of creating wealth and providing businesses with brilliant advice on how and where to save money and where to invest. The group is managed by a set of brilliant and experienced business men and women, whom have been steering the various divisions of the group from success to success. Through strategical acquisition and constant organic growth the group has excelled and it will keep on growing into the future.

  • Sector

    Financial Services

  • Industry

    Banking and Finance

  • Sub industry

    Lending, transactional services, investments, insurance, asset management

How to buy Sasfin Group Shares

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