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Background of South Ocean Holdings

  • South Ocean Holdings Limited (SOH) is listed on the JSE as a holding company that manufactures electric wires and supplies electrical components to wholesalers and the building industry in South Africa. The group also imports electrical fittings, light fittings, lamps and light bulbs and distributes it to wholesalers that cater for builders. SOH has four wholly owned subsidiaries through which they conduct their business, namely South Ocean Electric Wire Company (Pty) Ltd (SOEW), Radiant Group (Pty) Ltd, Anchor Park Investments 48 (Pty) Ltd and Icembu Services (Pty) Ltd.

  • South Ocean Holdings strives to import only top quality products and delivers high end products to their clients. They are proud to be market leaders in their sector and have shown good growth over the past couple of years.

South Ocean Holdings Shares Growth Driver

  • SOEW produces electrical wiring and cables from a plant in Alberton. It is a medium sized manufacturer that targets the wholesale sector. They have also expanded their sales to other African countries in 2008 and have shown steady growth since then. SOEW is proud of their brilliant customer relations and on the fact that they have their own transport fleet to deliver their products directly to the client.

  • Radiant targets three main product divisions, namely lamps & light bulbs, electrical fittings and electrical accessories. The group is one of the major suppliers of electrical fittings and light bulbs. They are also rapidly expanding their product range in the electrical accessory field, supplying extension cords and electrical heaters to a growing market. The business started out as an importer of electrical fittings. In 2000 the group got into the lamp market after a whole lot of private investors paved the way for further expansion and in 2005 they started supplying electrical accessories as well.

  • South Oceans Holdings has an experienced management team that has extensive experience in the electrical and business sectors. Because of their knowledge of the field, SOH has been able to adapt and stay afloat in a market in the midst of recession. It is their mission to expand their current operations to include new markets up in Africa in order to further grow their business. The group is passionate about bettering their employees through training courses and skills development.

South Ocean Holdings Group Investor Tip

  • SOH is a well-established brand in the respective fields that they operate in. They are well known by customers and have established a large customer base over the years. The group is in good standing with their suppliers and with their team of experienced managers; their plans of expansion will most certainly be made a reality in the near future. Electrical fittings, electric wires, cables and lightbulbs will stay in demand for the foreseeable future, so the group will definitely have continued business.

  • Sector

    Electronic and Electrical Equipment

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  • Sub industry

    Electric Components

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