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Background of Stadio Holdings

  • Stadio Holdings is a holding company focused on investment in post-school education in South Africa and greater southern Africa. The group’s aim is to purchase, invest in, develop and upgrade higher education institutions, funding the expansion of existing brands and overseeing greenfield development of new campuses.

  • The group was formed through the unbundling of Stadio shares from Curro Holdings, with Stadio shares now holding a separate listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

  • The intention of the unbundling and listing is to create a separate listed business, focussing on higher education, with a strong management team and a dedicated anchor shareholder (namely PSG Group Limited) in order to become a leader in higher education.

  • Major investments currently include the Embury Institute for Higher Education, AFDA, and Southern Business School. The group has a JSE market cap of R6.1 billion.

Stadio Holdings Shares Growth Driver

  • Stadio aims to drive performance by capitalizing on the demand for quality higher education programmes in southern Africa. The group’s main strategy is to create a “Multiversity”: a large, diverse institution of higher learning which caters for various programmes including higher certificates and diplomas across a number of different fields. The aim is to own institutions with their own brands, campuses and management teams, but all benefiting from the infrastructure, expertise and shared services of the group.

  • Stadio’s idealogy is to invest capital in creating capacity to accommodate increasing demand for higher education, through the development of both distance learning and contact qualifications that cater to everyone from school leavers, to working adults and post-graduate students.

  • Current qualifications offered by the group cover education, commerce and business, law and arts, with Embury, AFDA and Southern Business School all operating for between 17 and 23 years. The group today owns a portfolio of 10 registered campuses/sites in Gauteng, the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, Windhoek and Gaberone, catering for around 13 000 students.

  • Stadio is growing its business by focusing on the purchase of reputable higher education institutions, optimizing newly-constructed facilities, promoting the growth of existing brands through geographical and programme expansion. Growth and the strength of Stadio share price will be strongly supported by the group’s history with leading education group Curro, with which it is still closely linked. The listing of Stadio shares should yield dividends, increasing access to equity and debt capital markets, enabling fundraising for new acquisitive and organic expansion, enhancing deal-making ability and providing liquidity for the trade of Stadio shares.

Stadio Holdings Group Investor Tip

  • Analysts have forecast that Stadio share price will experience a strong growth on the live online stocks chart, particularly when considering the explosive growth of Curro’s share price. The expertise provided by Curro, as well as strong cash resources, a diverse variety of programmes and increased demand for higher education, should bode well for investors who buy Stadio shares. Stadio certainly looks to be one of the most promising newly-listed shares for sale on the JSE.

Stadio Holdings Major Shareholders

Directors, Curro Holdings

  • Sector

    Specialised Consumer Services

  • Industry


  • Sub industry

    Higher Education

How to buy Stadio Group Shares

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