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Background of Stenprop

  • Stenprop Limited is a European property group based in Guernsey, focused on growing a diversified portfolio of high-quality investment properties, primarily in major cities in the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland. The group targets mainly commercial and retail assets, with further exposure to the logistics and healthcare sectors. After a history of acquisition, the group’s portfolio is today valued at over €900 million, comprising 55 properties, with 28 in Germany, 14 in the UK and 13 in Switzerland.

  • Stenprop shares are dual-listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), giving investors in South Africa an opportunity to buy into a strong international portfolio of assets. Stenprop today has a JSE market cap of R5.5 billion.

Stenprop Shares Growth Driver

  • Stenprop uses capital for acquisitions, supported by strategic asset management through refinancing, sale of mature assets and recycling of funds into new opportunities. The company works with a long-term view of securing rental growth and value enhancement.

  • With properties in the United Kingdom comprising the greatest proportion of asset value, Stenprop’s performance has been somewhat affected by the region’s Brexit referendum. The group has forecast that earnings and net asset value going forward will be slightly lower, but the portfolio is well-let and diversified enough to withstand changes in values. With uncertainty surrounding the outcomes of the vote, Stenprop is pursuing a more cautious approach to acquisitions in the UK, whilst maintaining the quality of its existing properties there. The group’s geographical diversification gives it a natural spread of currencies in times of fairly extreme currency movements.

  • The group registered some impressive data for the 2016 financial year, with net rental income rising from €19 million to €39 million and net profit increasing from €37 million to €49 million. The group managed to buy two retail centres in Berlin for atotal purchase price of €44.7 million, along with a 50% stake in 25 Argyll Street in London, for £75 million. Meanwhile, the group disposed of a distribution warehouse in north west England for £5.37 million. After receiving full year dividends of 4.2 cents per share in 2015, shareholders enjoyed dividends of 8.9 cents in 2016.

  • The group’s medium term strategy is to target a debt-to-equity ratio of approximately 50% with interest rates fixed for five years. The group has forecast that the current low interest rate environment will continue for the medium term.

Stenprop Group Investor Tip

  • Since listing on the JSE Main Board in 2015, Stenprop share price has had a mediocre performance. But shareholders continue to experience solid increases in dividends and net asset value per share, on the back of strong financial results from the company. Despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, Stenprop’s portfolio is strong and well-let. Stenprop shares are a solid rand hedge buy for JSE investors looking to diversify their investment portfolios. Stenprop share price is forecast to remain strong on the live online JSE stocks chart.

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Peregrine Holdings Ltd.

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How to buy Stenprop Group Shares

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