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Background of Trans Hex

  • The Trans Hex Group is a South Africa-based company involved in the exploration, mining and marketing of diamonds from land and marine alluvial deposits in South Africa and Angola. Operations in South Africa include the 100% owned Baken and Bloeddrif Mines in the Northern Cape and the management of day-to-day operations at the Namaqualand project owned by West Coast Resources. In Angola, the company decided to buy a 33% stake in the Somiluana Mine, which it operates.

  • Rough production is put up for sale to the open market, the South African State Diamond Trader and the company’s joint-vernture polishing factory in Johannesburg, as well as Angolan state-run company Sodiam.

  • Trans Hex’s history stems back to 1965 when the company was appointed as a diamond prospecting contractor to the Small Business Development Corporation. Today, Trans Hex shares are listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) with a market cap of R421 million. Trans Hex share price has been battered by difficult conditions within the mining industry.

Trans Hex Shares Growth Driver

  • Trans Hex is renowned for consistently producing the highest quality diamonds in South Africa. The company seeks to identify and buy greenfield or brownfield diamond assets, with the aim of selling diamonds at an acceptable margin.

  • Trans Hex was plagued by the constrained conditions within the diamond market in 2016, being particularly impacted by a 23% decrease in the average price of rough diamonds. Overall, the group recorded a net loss of R100.8 million, inclusive of entrenchment costs valued at R46 million and impairment charges of R55 million at the Lower Orange River operations in the Northern Cape. These operations have since implemented a new shift system and adjusted forecast production volumes.

  • Mining at the West Coast Resources operation commenced in late 2015, and production is slowly ramping up with good momentum. In Angola, the group enjoyed a fifth consecutive year of production growth at the Somiluana Mine, with production increasing to almost 100 000 carats.

  • Interim financial data for the first six months ended September 2016 showed positive signs, with the company returning to an after-tax profit of R8.9 million. This has largely been due to solid increases in production from West Coast Resources and Somiluana, as well as better average diamond prices and average grades.

  • The Lower Orange River operations are expected to decrease production steadily in line with the new operating model, but the company will buy into further drilling, prospecting and capital expenditure at the West Coast Resources and Angolan operations to offset losses.

Trans Hex Group Investor Tip

  • Trans Hex share price dipped significantly in 2015 to R2 a share, but has since strengthened on the back of better production statistics and financial results. Trans Hex is not yet out of trouble, but it has managed to chart a course through difficult times and should emerge from the storm. Investors won’t be jumping to buy Trans Hex shares at present, but some long-term potential for growth is forecast.

Trans Hex Major Shareholders

m Cubed Holdings Ltd., RECM and Calibre Ltd.

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