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Background of Trematon

  • Trematon Capital Investments is an investment group comprising a portfolio of investments, subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates, with a focus on property and leisure assets in the Western Cape of South Africa. The group is also involved in investment and trade of both listed and unlisted shares, not specific to any particular industry.

  • Key investments today include Club Mykonos, Mykonos Casino, Aria Property Group, Generation Education and Resi Investment Group. The group opts to buy into assets and operating businesses which have potential to generate an internal rate of return of at least 20% over time, while also putting investments up for sale when they have matured.

  • Trematon shares are listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) with a market cap of R670 billion.

Trematon Shares Growth Driver

  • Trematon aims to be diversified by not deciding to buy into one particular commercial sector, but the company currently has a strong focus on property-related investments. The group’s largest investments are long-term and have a forecast income or capital growth yield that is uneven and expected to be volatile from time to time.

  • Trematon’s latest financial data for 2016 illustrated this volatility, with profit decreasing from R95 million to R49 million. Headline earnings per share also suffered an 85% decrease, while dividends also dropped significantly. Fully-owned subsidiary Club Mykonos had strong trading from the casino, but the cost of refurbishments and better road access resulted in decreased profits. 100% owned Resi Investments (which focuses on residential retail properties) also had a mediocre performance, but the group entered into an important joint venture partnership involving 126 new properties in Cape Town, which is expected to boost capital growth.

  • In one of the biggest moves of the year, the Aria Property Group more than doubled the value of its portfolio by acquiring R614 million worth of properties from Redefine. The company’s investment portfolio is now valued at more than R1 billion.

  • Meanwhile, Generation Education is still a new venture that seeks to establish high-quality schools with a modern approach to education. The first school was opened at the beginning of 2016 and reached full capacity quickly, while a further two schools are planned for the medium-term.

  • Going forward, results are expected to be better, as a number of once-off costs were incurred in 2016. New developments within Trematon’s subsidiaries should also start contributing to profits in the near future.

Trematon Group Investor Tip

  • The live online JSE chart shows that Trematon share price has been dampened over the past few years as a result of a cautious investment approach in challenging economic conditions. The company does however have a well-diversified portfolio that should shield investors who buy Trematon shares. It remains to be seen how big moves from Aria and the growth of Generation Education will affect Trematon share price performance, but these are high-quality assets which have good potential for upside growth, making Trematon shares worthy of investor attention.

Trematon Major Shareholders

The Suikerbos Trust, The Armchair Trust

  • Sector

    Investment Companies

  • Industry

  • Sub industry

    Property, Education

How to buy Trematon Group Shares

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