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Background of Verimark Holdings

  • Verimark Holdings is a South African retailer with a history stemming back to 1977, when the company was started with a staff of two people and a capital base of R5000. Today, the company focuses on introducing unique, innovative products to the market, for sale through direct response TV (DRTV) marketing and more than 2000 outlets (including in major retail stores such as Game and Pick ‘n Pay) in Southern Africa. The company now has clients in more than 40 countries around the world and employs around 1000 people.

  • Product ranges cover houseware, health and fitness, DIY, automotive, beauty and educational toys. Verimark is the largest buyer of DRTV advertising airtime in South Africa, and part of the top 50 TV advertisers in the country.

  • Verimark shares are available to buy on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), where the group has a market cap of R45 million.

Verimark Holdings Shares Growth Driver

  • Verimark aims to drive growth by bringing in unique and innovative products not normally offered by other retailers, while investing significantly in direct response and sometimes live TV advertising. This form of marketing is complemented by retail outlets, franchise stores, exhibitions and online and database marketing.

  • Verimark’s performance has however been on a steady decline since 2012. The sluggish economy and reduced demand for Verimark’s niche products have caused a sharp fall in Verimark share price and profits. As an import-driven business, the weakness of the Rand further impacted results. The financial data for 2016 reflected this, with headline earnings falling by 23.7% to R8.6 million and headline earnings per share dropping from 10.45 cents to 8 cents. The group managed to distribute dividends of 3.7 cents per share, down from 5.2 cents.

  • In response to the difficult trade conditions and significant foreign exchange losses, Verimark has had to increase selling costs, while focusing on cost management and operational efficiencies. On the positive side, the group’s working capital position has been well managed and improved by R8.6 million. The introduction of an in-house service centre has also contributed to better efficiency in repairs, returns and customer service.

  • Although South Africa remains the core market for Verimark, the group has identified the need to explore international markets to offset the sluggish economic forecast. The company’s business model of introducing new, innovative products will continue to be at the forefront, with some of the group’s major retail partners indicating willingness to increase Verimark’s floor space and prominence in their stores.

Verimark Holdings Group Investor Tip

  • Verimark shares have not been a popular buy on the JSE, with Verimark share price falling from R1.34 in 2012 to 40 cents in 2016. The company is battling to chart a profitable course through challenging economic times, and most investment analysts agree that Verimark share price will continue to under perform the market. Much work still needs to be done by the company to increase investor confidence and spur investors to buy the stocks.

Verimark Holdings Major Shareholders

The Van Straaten Family Trust, Prime Rental CC, Verimark Proprietary Limited

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    Consumer Discretionary

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