Vivo Energy PLC. JSE: VVO

Vivo Energy plc

Background of Vivo Energy

  • Vivo Energy plc was established in December 2011. Vivo is a registered company in the United Kingdom and trades on the London Stock Exchange, as well as on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The company markets and distributes Shell-branded fuels and lubricants to customers all across Africa. The group has more than 1800 service stations over 15 African countries and they export lubricants and fuels to countries where they do not have service stations. Vivo Energy started as a downstream business of Shell operations in Africa and since its inception more than 500 fuel service stations have been added to its retail network.

  • Vivo Energy operates over three business sectors, namely retail, commercial and lubricants. Their retail sector comprises roughly 60% of all of their business, with the commercial sector making up 28% and the lubricants makes up the rest.

Vivo Energy Shares Growth Driver

  • The retail section is what drives most of Vivo’s growth throughout Africa, generating roughly 65% of the group’s revenue. The group made a strategic decision in 2014 to add value to their retail outlets through upgrading the convenience stores at those outlets that already had such stores. Apart from upgrading the quick shops, Vivo also signed deals with international fast food brands such as KFC and Burger King. Since the group put this plan in motion, they have added 450 convenience stores and fast food outlets to their retail sites and they are proud to say that more than half of their retail outlets are fitted out with restaurants and convenience stores. Vivo prides itself in the fact that more than half of their service stations offer miscellaneous services such as car wash and oil change. In 2017 alone Vivo Energy opened up 116 new retail outlets, making them the second largest fuel retailer in Africa (outside of South Africa). Currently the group is busy brokering a deal with Engen,
    which will see another 500 retail service stations added to their ever-increasing retail fuel service

  • Vivo Energy’s commercial segment supplies comprehensive fuel and lubricant packages to the transport industry. The group supplies 23 airports of aviation fuels and related products across 8 counties in Africa, operating under the Vitol Aviation brand. Vivo Energy supplies a growing number of merchant and private fleets in the marine transport industry. The group also supplies fuel to various mining operations, as well as to energy producers.

Vivo Energy Group Investor Tip

  • According to BMI Research, a macroeconomic and market research company, the African fuel market has seen steady growth since 2000, despite the volatile oil price. As the infrastructure and mining industry continues to develop in Africa, fuels and lubricants will be in high demand. With the backing of Shell, which has more than 100 years of experience in the African fuel market, Vivo is in the unique position to keep on growing and expanding.

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    Equity Issuer

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    Fuels and Lubricants

How to buy Vivo Energy Group Shares

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