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Background of Workforce

  • Workforce Holdings has grown from a humble history as a staff and labour provider in South Africa, into a large, diversified group of companies with an extensive portfolio of inter-related solutions for supply, management and administration of human resources requirements.

  • Catering to local and international clients, the group is structured into five focus areas, namely staffing and recruitment, training and consulting, financial and lifestyle products, employee health management and process outsourcing. These services are delivered through 24 specialised, branded divisions.

  • Workforce shares are today available to buy on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), where the group has a market cap of R475 million.

Workforce Shares Growth Driver

  • As well as offering independent services through various operating divisions, Workforce Holdings aims to drive growth through integration, with the goal of being a full-service solutions provider covering all aspects of human resources managements. The group relies on this approach to facilitate further development and innovation of new product lines, while further helping to buy into new markets.

  • Workforce’s performance has gained good momentum of late, with Workforce share price rising sharply up the live online stocks chart. Financial data for the first six months of 2016 indicated a 32% rise in turnover to R1.12 billion. The majority of this was due to organic growth in the business, but Workforce’s strong acquisition policy also resulted in the purchase of Prisma Training Solutions and the Quyn group of companies, which contributed 12% to the group’s overall turnover growth.

  • Organic growth has been driven by good performance from the staffing and recruitment business, which enjoyed turnover increases across all regions. This was especially boosted by Workforce’s increasing involvement in energy and telecommunication-related infrastructure projects, as well as capital investment in technology to enhance training efficiency. All of the group’s other segments have also made positive contributions to earnings growth, with no companies being put up for sale by the group. Overall, EBITDA increased by 70% to R66 million, while earnings per share increased 48% to 18 cents. The new acquisitions that Workforce decided to buy into are being integrated into the group, and meaningful contributions are forecast to start taking effect in the medium-term. Meanwhile, employee tax incentive remains a contributor to the group’s results. Although this incentive may be discontinued, Workforce has said that strategies are in place in replace this income stream.

Workforce Group Investor Tip

  • Workforce shares took several years to attract investor attention, but Workforce share price has risen strongly on the back of solid financial results, with trade of
    shares becoming liquid. The company occupies a niche space amongst listed stocks, making Workforce shares an interesting potential buy. With staffing and recruitment remaining a growing market, Workforce is well positioned to continue on its upward growth path. With a seemingly rosy future ahead, Workforce shares may just be a bargain buy at their current price of below R2 a share.

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How to buy Workforce Group Shares

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