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  • Zambezi Platinum’s trade hides within its name – Platinum. The company mines platinum, to put it simply. Zambezi Platinum was incorporated in 2014 and is proudly based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Not only was this mining powerhouse incorporated in 2014, it was also founded in 2014.

  • Zambezi’s strategy is to grow down on the cost curve, targeting shallow mechanisable all bodies. The company looks forward to working hand-in-hand with empowerment partners over the next decade and beyond. Zambezi is Africa’s fourth largest river

  • Zambezi is Africa’s fourth largest river and sustains 4 African countries. Zambezi chose this name to also benefit a wide range of stakeholders: Communities, employees, Women’s groups and a core of strategic partners who offer financial, legal and business skills. Shareholders also stand a chance to benefit from an attractive coupon rate.

  • Zambezi Platinum believes that real transformation isn’t just the right thing to do for the social economic stability of South Africa, but it is also intrinsically linked to the long term sustainability and success of their own company. The company believes strongly in establishing a solid platform for empowering a new era in mining. Furthermore, Zambezi looks to benefit employees and communities in surrounding areas. Employees benefit from a 4% share in profit. They also benefit a further 3% of profit through the Zambezi consortium.

ZAMBEZI PLATINUM (RF) Shares Growth Driver

  • In terms of the mining sector, Zambezi is a very young company. It has only existed for four years. However, significant criticism is often placed on older companies who fail to innovated and successfully turn their experience into market leading strategies. Although new, Zambezi has created the right platform of technical ingenuity and expertise, a factor which has led to great success in bringing discarded mines back into production. Zambezi does not sit back and aims to avoid any glimmer of stagnation, through being alive to any possibility of growth, consolidation and creating further value.

  • The company has enjoyed a rapid growth period, by involving itself in massive projects in the mining sector. Zambezi also operates with the right attitude required from big companies, they are accountable to their actions and they take their social responsibility very seriously.

  • Zambezi has also benefited significantly from their no-nonsense innovation process. Times are changing, and the mining sector is no different. The company reinvests a notable amount of effort into boosting technological advancement and new and sustainable mining techniques.

ZAMBEZI PLATINUM (RF) Group Investor Tip

  • Zambezi continues to trade with significant effort and determination. The company continually invests into its workers, surrounding communities as well as itself, as it paves a way toward an ever growing curve.

  • Zambezi Platinum enjoys R4 billion cash on the balance sheet, which speaks volumes about their intent, as well as potential.

  • Recent board changes has also sparked more proof that the company is focused on establishing horizons that stretch far into the future. Zambezi’s serious approach has pave a steady route to the top for the young mining powerhouse.

  • Shareholders can also count on the company’s very public positive treatment towards stakeholders, a promise that will have a positive effect on future trends.

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